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TiNDLE Chicken Debuts in Switzerland at Coop Supermarkets

TiNDLE Chicken Debuts in Switzerland at Coop Supermarkets

In time for the annual Veganuary challenge, the global food brand introduces its popular plant-based chicken products in Switzerland


Basel, Switzerland (9 January 2024) – TiNDLE Foods announces the retail debut of TiNDLE Chicken in Switzerland this month, exclusively available at 440 Coop supermarkets nationwide. Marking the first time that TiNDLE Chicken is sold in Switzerland, the popular plant-based brand is offering some of its most sought-after products in Coop stores and through its online delivery platform, including TiNDLE Burgers, Crispy Fillets, Nuggets, and Wings.

Widely known in Switzerland for its long history of high-quality products and premier shopping experiences, the Coop Group operates the largest supermarket chains in the country. The group also is committed to long-term sustainability goals – unveiling a holistic sustainability plan built “for people, animals, and nature” that includes actionable ways to reduce its environmental footprint by the year 2026. This includes a pillar on “sustainable product ranges” that calls for earth-friendly products as part of their wide selection of food offerings through its retail stores and online services.

Coop itself has also published its own report chronicling the demand for plant-based food, finding that in 2023, 63% of people in Switzerland are actively reducing their overall meat consumption and growth for meat substitutes came out at 350% when compared to the last survey in 2019. The launch of TiNDLE Chicken at Coop arrives in time for Veganuary, the annual challenge to encourage diners to go plant-based for the month of January – largely catered toward non-vegans and flexitarians looking to build sustainable food habits.

“Introducing TiNDLE to the Swiss market is an important step for us, as the country is a global leader when it comes to sustainability and preservation – with long-term goals to reduce carbon emissions,” shares Marc Sohier, Senior Vice President of Business Development at TiNDLE Foods.

“We are continually monitoring the market, along with the latest trends and plant-based products that are being developed. Not only are TiNDLE’s chicken products innovative, but they are in line with what consumers are looking for and are the ideal addition to our range of vegan products,” says Martin Stutz, Product Purchasing Manager for vegan and vegetarian alternatives at Coop.

TiNDLE’s range of plant-based retail products were developed in collaboration with the company’s world-class R&D team and expert chefs across Europe, Asia, and the United States to bring an elevated restaurant-quality culinary experience into home kitchens. Just as can be found across restaurants today, the grocery-ready TiNDLE Chicken products feature a distinctive and mouthwatering flavour and are made with simple, non-GMO ingredients. They also deliver a good source of protein and fibre with 17g of protein and 8g of fibre in every 100g of TiNDLE Chicken alone.

The product range, available at Coop stores and their online storefront, includes:

  • TiNDLE Burgers: Juicy and tender breaded chicken patties that can be transformed into an impressive meal in under five minutes, perfect for your favourite burger combinations or as a base for chicken parmesan or chicken milanese
  • TiNDLE Crispy Fillets: Simple and quick to prepare, the crispy fillets are packed with chicken flavour – best either served on their own with a favourite dipping sauce or can be used as the perfect accompaniment to fill in wraps or tacos
  • TiNDLE Nuggets: Convenient and bite-sized nuggets that are delicious on their own or can become a versatile and adaptable base for dishes of all cuisines and applications, including pastas, burritos, or curries
  • TiNDLE Wings: Delivering on the same experience found in beloved chicken wings, this plant-based version can be tasted alone for a crunchy satisfaction or topped with any wing sauce of choice for a savoury meal

“We are eagerly awaiting feedback from Swiss consumers on TiNDLE Chicken, especially during the month of Veganuary. It’s our aim to demonstrate that choosing a more sustainable option involves no sacrifice in terms of quality and enjoyment,” adds Borna Bayat, Chief Marketing Officer at TiNDLE Foods.

The launch follows the success of TiNDLE Chicken’s debut in retail stores in 2023, beginning with the EDEKA Group in Germany, Morrisons in the UK, and Giant Eagle and select regional retailers in the US. Since then, the startup has increased the distribution of its flagship product, TiNDLE Chicken, reaching thousands of distribution points and restaurants across Europe.

To learn more about TiNDLE Chicken and where to find it in Switzerland, visit www.tindle.com or follow on Instagram.

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