TiNDLE: Ridiculously Good, Chicken Made from Plants

Group of friends enjoying burgers and fries at a table.

Food tech start-up Next Gen Foods has made its global debut with TiNDLE™: ridiculously good chicken made from plants, loved by chefs, for every cuisine on the planet.

Five years ago, if a consumer wanted plant-based meat, they had slim choices and made hefty compromises. Either the taste wasn’t enticing, and you’d be downing sodas over your plant-based burger, or the texture and look made it difficult to forget that you were not quite eating meat. With food, the worst kind of compromise is when consumers are asked to forgo taste. Especially for chicken, a protein more widely consumed than beef and pork, there can simply be no sacrifices! The taste needs to be exactly what grandma has served for generations. The texture needs to be precisely as crunchy, tender, or meaty, as each different chicken recipe requires. When chicken is in every cuisine and country, unless the plant-based version can also go in every sauce, grill, and legacy recipe, consumers are not going to love it.

This absolute need for a plant-based chicken that rivals the memorable taste, fibrous texture, and incredible versatility of chicken from birds is why experts call delicious, uncompromising plant-based chicken the final frontier in food tech.

Here’s how TiNDLE does it all.

The TiNDLE experience 

TiNDLE has the unmistakable taste of chicken, but also its aroma, nutrition, texture, and– what is possibly our proudest feat– that incredibly satisfying mouth-feel you get when you first bite into a good piece of chicken.

Our launching product is TiNDLE Thy, which guarantees an unparalleled versatility in cooking across cuisines from Asian to Mediterranean, and that has especially been perfected for the deep-South favorite of batter fried chicken. So whether you’re craving zongzi at Dragon Boat Festival, or just a Friday night wind-down over beer and pepper fried chicken, TiNDLE’s on the plate.

After all, we aren’t satisfied just being a patty that can only sit in a burger! TiNDLE is in your bun chas, in tacos and gyoza, shawarma and satay, and it makes for a mean TiNDLE Butter Masala! Remember food rituals around the barbeque grill that made family cookouts memorable? Done and done. When chefs take TiNDLE to a hot pan with rosemary and some garlic, we’re talking some of the juiciest plant-based roast chicken you’ve ever had– no shade to dad.

The toughest critics want TiNDLE.

Right now, TiNDLE comes to consumers through their favorite restaurants, where chefs have skewered, fried, grilled, baked, sautéed, seared, and prepared TiNDLE in just about every way one can possibly cook chicken. Chefs are the toughest critics for good food, and if they don’t absolutely love cooking with TiNDLE, it is not a product we want to make! Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Chef Rafael had to say about the culinary experience of TiNDLE:

To put it simply, TiNDLE surprised me. I’m impressed with the texture — it’s seriously like chicken! The product is very versatile which made it easy for me to work with, and allowed me to push the boundaries of my creativity. And who doesn’t love adding a bit of tequila in the recipe?

– Chef Rafael Gil, Executive Chef, W Hong Kong

Before we start delivering TiNDLE right to your doorstep and ready to go on plates for Sunday roast, you can find TiNDLE in endless preparations at the top dining spots, right here.

How does TiNDLE do all that? 

While TiNDLE is a magical taste experience, it is no cryptic wonder. Made with only 9 ingredients, TiNDLE contains soy protein, wheat gluten, wheat starch, coconut oil, oat fiber, water, methylcellulose (a plant-based egg white!), and Lipi™, our unique blend of plant-based fats and flavor that gives TiNDLE the distinctive aroma, taste, and cookability of chicken.

On average, chicken made from plants uses less land, less water, and produces less CO2 than chicken from birds.* Ever think you could eat your way through climate change? We’re doing it!

*Blue Horizon’s 2020 “Environmental Impacts Of Animal And Plant-Based Food” Report.

Where is TiNDLE now?

Within just one month of launching in Singapore, we have grown more than 200%. We are top-selling at crowd favorite, Love Handle Burgers, and hotly demanded at local food truck, The Goodburger! In fact, TiNDLE spread across the island so quickly that we’re already expanding to our neighboring food hubs of Hong Kong and Macau. With the best of taste, and chefs’ clamorous support behind every TiNDLE dish, we’re sure to be going to even more markets, very soon– so watch this space for more!

We’re rooting for taste; we’re packing for nutrition. We’ve got the planet covered. TiNDLE, our chicken made from plants, is just the start for Next Gen Foods.