TiNDLE Foods Launches First 360 Marketing Campaign – “Putting Friendships to the (Taste) Test”

TiNDLE Foods Launches First 360 Marketing Campaign – “Putting Friendships to the (Taste) Test” – as Brand Awareness and Distribution Grows in Germany

  • Designed to build awareness for the company’s flagship product, TiNDLE Chicken, the campaign challenges consumers to engage in “Putting Friendships to the (Taste) Test”
  • The cheeky and bold campaign kicks off today, aligning with the company’s milestone in reaching widespread distribution across Germany with the EDEKA Group’s national network of grocery stores and popular burger chain, Peter Pane
  • The creative vividly brings to life the “Ridiculously Good” taste of TiNDLE in a captivating and memorable manner, marking the brand’s first appearance in mainstream media.

Berlin, Germany (9 October 2023) – Today, TiNDLE Foods announces its first 360 marketing campaign – entitled “Putting Friendships to the (Taste) Test” – to support the brand’s growing distribution in retail through the EDEKA Group and foodservice with restaurant group Peter Pane across Germany. The campaign encourages consumers to experience the mind-blowing and uncontrollable delight of eating TiNDLE Chicken, while helping to raise further awareness for the brand and broader category of plant-based foods.

The campaign kicks off today, Monday, 9 October, beginning with a 30-second primetime TV commercial that will air on major German TV stations, including ProSieben, ProSieben Maxx, Kabel Eins, SAT.1, and Sixx, through mid-November. In the playful vignette, two women surprisingly engage in “unspeakable acts” over the last TiNDLE Chicken Nugget. One spontaneously reaches over, seizes, and devours the half-eaten nugget from her friend’s hand, going as far as licking her friend’s fingers to capture every last crumb. This vividly illustrates the irresistible taste and magnetic appeal of the last nugget, prompting a bold breach of etiquette.

By “Putting Friendships to the (Taste) Test,” the daring campaign targets consumers who are intrigued about plant-based foods to entice their curious friends to join in on trying something that is so ‘ridiculously good’ it leaves all manners out the door. Beyond the TV spot, TiNDLE has also partnered with eight notable content creators, including Maya Leinenbach (@FitGreenMind) and Alpay Santi (@Alpaysanti), to take the ‘taste test’ to the next level and bring the same challenge to consumers nationwide – asking them to show how their friendship was put to the test. The advertisement was also tested amongst a broad set of German viewers, and the company found that it performed positively – a significant number of consumers recognized the brand, sharing that they were interested to try more TiNDLE products upon viewing and felt the campaign was humorous, unique, and exciting.

The campaign was led by the in-house creative and marketing teams at TiNDLE Foods, including Jean Madden (Chief Marketing Officer), Borna Bayat (Senior Vice President of Marketing and Creative), and Johanna Borge (Senior Brand Expansion Manager), alongside external creative directors, Jess Hoppe and Justin Pettit. The commercial was produced in collaboration with Berlin-based SMASH-STUFF-TV and Shootingmonkeys.

“At TiNDLE, we are committed to offering ‘ridiculously good’ experiences that pave the way to a more sustainable food system. Our new campaign is a bold, lighthearted invitation to experience TiNDLE, creatively addressing any taste reservations around plant-based foods,” says Borna Bayat, SVP of Marketing and Creative at TiNDLE Foods. “With wider access to TiNDLE and heightened brand awareness, we’re striving to make plant-based choices not just easy, but irresistibly enjoyable.”

The launch of TiNDLE Foods’ first marketing campaign and TV commercial comes as the company expands its retail footprint across Germany – doubling down on its long-term mission to deliver great-tasting sustainable foods to help reduce our reliance on animal food products. Earlier this year, the company debuted its inaugural line of retail products, first hitting the shelves of Germany’s largest retailer, the EDEKA Group. Today, TiNDLE Chicken products can be found nationwide in all major regions of the country – reaching thousands of EDEKA stores and millions of customers – and sold as Schnitzel, Nuggets, Tenders, Wings, and Popcorn.

In addition to grocery store availability, TiNDLE Chicken is also now on menu nationwide at all 51 locations in Germany of popular restaurant group, Peter Pane. Known for their extensive burger offerings, Peter Pane is rolling out a total of seven new TiNDLE menu items, including five staple burgers and their signature “Golden Snaggets” (made with TiNDLE Chicken Nuggets), and a limited-edition seasonal burger that is made with a crispy chicken sandwich patty, fried potatoes, plant-based cheese, red onions, burger sauce, and apple chutney, all on top of a pretzel bun. Peter Pane shares a vision with TiNDLE Foods to bring great-tasting and high-quality foods to its consumers – with a particular interest in finding sustainable options that don’t compromise on taste and experience.

As TiNDLE Chicken’s distribution increases – becoming more readily and widely available for consumers in Germany in supermarkets and restaurants – the company leveraged its recent media-for-equity deal with SevenVentures to amplify the new marketing campaign and generate visibility for the new TiNDLE Chicken offerings at EDEKA in retail and Peter Pane in foodservice. SevenVentures is the investment arm of Germany’s largest media and digital company, ProSiebenSat.1, and the media-for-equity investment provided TiNDLE Foods with the opportunity to increase its brand visibility through media integrations within the group’s portfolio of high-reach channels and platforms.

Additionally, the campaign and partnership with SevenVentures will further support long-term awareness-building around the emerging and evolving plant-based food category. This comes as the plant-based meat category is seeing steady growth in Germany, with overall product value sales increasing by 4.3% from 2022 to 2023 (according to Nielsen data, recorded over the last 52 weeks as of 6 August 2023).

To view the full video and more on the campaign, visit here. For more information on TiNDLE Foods’ full line of products, please visit www.tindle.com or follow on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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