TiNDLE Launches New, Innovative Bratwurst Line

TiNDLE Foods bringt eine neue Bratwurstlinie auf den Markt, die jetzt im Handel erhältlich ist

The food start-up expands its product range in Germany, introducing a new product line of modern and delicious plant-based bratwursts at Edeka

MUNICH, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The next era of plant-based enjoyment is upon us: Tindle Foods is introducing its latest “Tindle Bratwurst” product line to the German market. The range will feature three delicious flavours: “Bratwurst Chicken Style”, “Cheese Bratwurst” and “Chili Bratwurst.” The TiNDLE bratwurst will initially be available in some regions of Edeka starting in March 2024 and can now be ordered by all retailers.

The company is committed to developing innovative plant-based foods that deliver when it comes to taste, quality and convenience. With the introduction of new products such as the Cheese Bratwurst, the first of its kind in this category, Tindle is staying true to its roots. 

With the new bratwurst range, the international start-up is reinventing the rustic, German classic, now an integral part of its plant-based offerings. The bratwurst chicken style can be enjoyed as a centre-of-the-plate main on daily occasions, while the chili bratwurst with its spicy, meaty chili interior also stands on its own. All new Tindle bratwursts feature an innovative algae-based casing that provides a crunchy bite and ensures a juicy interior. Made with simple, high-quality, non-GMO ingredients like soy protein, coconut oil, and oat fibre, Tindle’s bratwursts are also a good source of protein and fibre. In addition, as they are made with plant-based ingredients, the bratwursts contain less saturated fat than animal-based bratwursts.

The bratwursts are the brand’s first new products in German retail since the launch of Tindle Chicken in EDEKA stores last year. This month, Tindle is also entering a new partnership with distributor Wolf Essgenuss, one of the market leaders in the sausage segment. Wolf Essgenuss will support the brand’s expansion into retail distribution channels with its extensive experience in logistics. 

A real milestone for the young company: “We are convinced that growth can only be achieved through innovation and trial and error. With the bratwurst line, Tindle not only offers a new taste experience for consumers, but also sends a clear signal for the future of sustainable food that no longer knows compromises,” says Timo Recker, co-founder, executive chairman and CEO of Tindle Foods. “We are delighted that Edeka has been supporting us from the very beginning in bringing our plant-based bratwurst option to the German market.”

At a glance: Tindle Bratwurst

Package size180g
VarietiesCheese bratwurst Bratwurst Chicken Style
Chili Bratwurst
EIA3,29 Euro

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