"I feel very honoured to be one of the first chefs to get to try TiNDLE. It’s fantastic, versatile, delicious and extremely easy to work with. It has raised the bar in plant-based foods!"


Loh Lik Peng
"Cooked the right way, it’s hard to tell the real deal apart from TiNDLE. Look out for TiNDLE, folks. It’s coming to a restaurant near you soon!”
Chef Manjunath Mural Adda
"TiNDLE is a game changer! It taste and cooks just like chicken and the possibilities are truly endless."
Simon Chung
"As a globally minded chef cooking in our chicken-obsessed city of Hong Kong, I'm thrilled to be one of the first to work with Tindle-- a healthy, sustainable plant-based alternative to poultry."
Chef Ricky Leung
“With TiNDLE, I am assured that I am not only serving high quality food that tastes good, but am also being responsible for my actions..."
Chef Addis Tan
“No one could tell TiNDLE apart from real chicken. The biggest challenge about plant based meats is always the texture and they’ve nailed it.”
Chef Damian Piedrahita
“Excellence in texture, flavor, juiciness, aroma and above all, versatility. As a chef, we like to express our identity through unforgettable dining experiences, and TiNDLE makes it possible.”
Feline Gondokusumo
“Best chicken alternative I’ve tried! Great flavour, texture and extremely versatile... looking forward to seeing this company grow and impact the world one dish at a time!”
Yuan Oeij
“Tastes like chicken, realistic texture and extremely versatile! TiNDLE will help save the planet and a lot of chickens!”
Gustavo Vargas
“Working with TiNDLE has been a creative challenge for us. Brazilian cuisine is known for an abundance of meat options, and we’re now able to recreate traditional street snacks like pastéis and Japanese style kushiage, offering new dishes to our customers looking for non-meat dishes.”
Karisa Cheque
"Discovering TiNDLE chicken was very special for me personally. I have had this pineapple bun recipe for a long time and I had no idea that a plant-based meat would give me the final flavor I wanted. I’m very excited for our guests to try and experience the same amazing surprise that I did."
Chef Robin Ho
“TiNDLE is redefining the parameters of plant-based food in terms of its closeness in flavor, smell and juicy mouthfeel while still retaining its clean taste. This makes it easy to incorporate into a variety of cuisines and is a good alternative to chicken meat.”
Chef Rafael Gil W Hong Kong
"To put it simply, TiNDLE surprised me. I’m impressed with the texture — it’s seriously like chicken! The product is very versatile which made it easy for me to work with, and allowed me to push the boundaries of my creativity. And who doesn’t love adding a bit of tequila in the recipe?”

It makes

business sense

Did you know that more and more customers are trying plant-based foods and beverages at restaurants? And when it comes to millennials, the percentage is as high as 41%?* No kidding. As a result, restaurants that are serving plant-based foods are seeing an increase in sales. Adding TiNDLE to your menu just makes business sense.

*Technomic’s 2020 Generational Consumer Trend Report




A taste rollercoaster, TiNDLE satisfies every meat lover’s cravings – from the very first bite to the last lick of the lips.

It’s a mind-blowing experience that has everyone talking. That is, when they’re not busy eating!

Take a bite into a better future with game-changing TiNDLE.

And with


Compromise isn’t in our vocabulary. That’s why TiNDLE isn’t just a taste experience, it’s also better for you. With simple, natural ingredients rich in protein and fiber, TiNDLE rejects the hormones, antibiotics, and cholesterol of chicken from birds.

For every 100g, there is:












TiNDLE is so versatile, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what can be created with it. Surprise yourself!

  • Works with any cuisine
  • Works with any marinade
  • Deep fried
  • Pan/Stir fried
  • Sautéed
  • Grilled
  • Easy to batter
  • Easy to shape

What’s more, when cooking,

TiNDLE has 50% less product loss than chicken from birds.

the secret


If it doesn’t have Lipi™, it isn’t TiNDLE. What’s Lipi™ you ask?

Lipi™ is a unique blend of plant-based fats and flavor. It’s the secret sauce that gives TiNDLE the distinctive aroma, taste, and cookability of chicken.